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A cooking set that features everything you might need to cook an infinite range of meals in the outdoors. Petromax?s original KITC201 allows you to make stews, soups, and broths over an open fire. The KITC202 is ideal for steak and other pan-fries on any cooker, while the lightweight KITC206 has you covered for breakfast, fish and the like. The KITC203 is ideal for flipping everything from fried eggs and griddle cakes to meat, poultry, and even fish. The lightweight KITC204 allows you to create an instant tripod from which to hang your Dutch Oven or camp kettle. The KITC200 is a mixing spoon from Petromax that features a shallow oval bowl and flat handle and is made from beautiful cherry wood. KITC205 protect your hands while cooking over a fire. Protect your Potjie Pot/Dutch Oven and any other cast iron cookware from rust and other damage with the KITC208 made from natural ingredients and use the KITC207 to effortlessly clean your cookware. All contents store neatly in the included SBOX031.

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