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Features a 5-digit combination panel, no keys needed. The 1.2m length enables you to secure your bicycle to your roof rack when using {RRAC118~showName} and {RRAC119~showName} or other rack accessories*. Robust 12mm stainless steel cable ensures nothing will compromise the safety of your gear. *Note: {RRAC118~showName} and {RRAC119~showName} or other rack accessories are sold separately. Combination Setup: Set the code to 00000. Open the lock. On the inside you will see a dial which has ‘set and an arrow pointing clockwise’ engraved. Turn the dial clockwise (about 1/4 turn). Set your personal number code. Turn the dial anti-clockwise (about 1/4 turn). Done, your new code is now active.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 mm

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