“The Tuff-Trek TT-A1 is our standard vehicle mounted canvas side awning, offering rapid shelter from the elements & easy set-up / pack away. New for 2019 we have upgraded to an exceptionally thick and robust new poly-cotton canvas instead of cheaper polyester materials.

Aluminium side-arms fold out to support the awning with twist and pull vertical legs, guy lines ensure it stays put. Made from our rugged Poly Oxford Cotton blend canvas, TT-A1 awnings come fitted inside a heavy duty grey PVC travel cover & pack away completely when you’re on the move.


  • INCLUDES fitting kit (1x pair of stainless steel L shaped mounting brackets)
  • Can be fitted to most roof racks or roof bars (2x)
  • Each awning extends out from the vehicle by 2m
  • Weight (depending on size): 12kg – 14kg”