PFE SERIES portable aerosol Fire Extinguisher is the World’s most versatile and compact fire extinguisher. Unlike conventional portable extinguishers the PFE SERIES is lightweight, compact, non-pressurised, environmentally friendly and really easy to use, this is vital in an emergency.

Perfect for 4x4 vehicles of all types whatever your use and activity and suitable for extinguishing rubbish fires, cooker fires, foam and fabric, engine bay and electrical fires.

Features and Benefits:

  • Approved by RINA, SGS and CE
  • The only type of extinguisher suitable for both liquid fuel and electrical fires
  • Compact. Less than 20% of the size of other extinguishers
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally safe
  • Non-pressurised
  • No visual mess or residue after use
  • No damage to engines of electronics
  • Long life – 7 years no maintenance

Technical Specifications:

  • Discharge Distance 1-3m
  • Discharge time up to 12 seconds
  • Length 242mm
  • Diameter 52mm
  • Net weight 500g



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