This lightweight, sturdy camp table is ideal for food preparation, food serving, and gathering around to eat. Features include a stainless steel top and black powder-coated aluminum frame. Specifically designed to be easily stored UNDERNEATH most Front Runner Slimline II Roof Racks.* 

The Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table Kit includes the Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table, Under-Rack Table Slides and Under-Rack Table Slides Latch.


  • A complete camp table and table storing solution. Effortlessly take a previously cumbersome luxury item on any vehicle based adventure. Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table - by Front Runner: The extruded aluminum frame nests into the storage brackets and is secured with the table latch eliminating any excessive noise. A durable stainless steel table top ensures a hygienic surface for the preparation and serving of meals. The table frame and legs are powder-coated black with the same durable, corrosion resistant coating as the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack. The Legs easily unfold and with the open-and-lock mechanism are kept firmly in place. Rounded glass filled nylon corners prevent any accidental knicks or damage and provide a grip point when removing the table from under your roof rack. Under-Rack Table Brackets - by Front Runner: A no-noise and secure storage solution designed specifically for the Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table - by Front Runner. The brackets can be mounted both parallel and perpendicular to the roof rack's slats giving the options to access to the table from the side or rear of the vehicle. Easy installation. Made of 3CR12 stainless steel and is black powder-coated in the same durable and corrosi