Polarbox 80L Stainless Compressor Fridge 12v 24v AC/DC - Double Compartment

The Polarbox 80L Compressor fridge is the perfect solution for storing food and drinks on the go. Whether you're in a car or camping, the Polarbox fridge keeps your food and drinks cool.
The Polarbox fridge is universal and can be operated with 12/24V DC as well as with 230V AC. Equipped with a powerful compressor, it cools very quickly and consumes little energy. The adjustable battery protection helps prevent unnecessary strain on your battery.
The Polarbox 80L fridge also features separate left and right hand compartments with temperature control allowing you to operate each compartment separately.

Reliable cooling system
Highly efficient
Low energy consumption
Adjustable battery protection
Can run on 12V/24V DC and 220V/240V AC
Can set temperature from an ice cold -18°C and up to +10°C
Digital temperature pre-setting and LCD display with error display function
Separate Left and Right hand compartment Temperature control
Automatic power cut off at 10V to protect the battery
Heavy duty body, latches and handles
Metal Fridge basket included
Internal light
Includes insulated canvas bag and carry strap worth £45!

80 Litre Capacity
Multi Voltage System 12/24v DC // 230v AC
Power Consumption 85w
20amp Fuse

External Dimensions:
490 x 880 x 530mm (H x W x D)

Internal Dimensions:
Left Hand Compartment: 390 x 265 x 365mm (D x W x H)
Right Hand Compartment: 390 x 430 (130) x 365 (180)mm (D x W x H)

Polarbox 80L Stainless Compressor Fridge 12v 24v Dual Compartment

SKU: PB-53190