Get local to long distance illumination in a slide. The Peli 5050R Flashlight features flood to spot technology.


  • The high-performance LED reach a maximum distance of 201m and delivers up to 883 lumens.
  • 4 modes: Boost / High / Low / Flashing.
  • Flood position projects a wide beam to illuminate your work area and spot beam for a long distance focused beam.
  • Recharge the 5050R by connecting directly to its Micro USB port.
  • Reverse charging capability allows you to connect to a USB port to power your smartphone or any other USB powered device.
  • Supplied with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.


Consists of:
1 x Flashlight
1 x Lithium rechargeable battery
1 x Paracord loop


Materials used:
Anodized aluminium
AR coated glass


Product Dimensions:
156mm (6.1") L


164g (5.8oz)



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