The Front Runner Gullwing Box is used in conjunction with the Front Runner Gullwing Window-Glass or Front Runner Gullwing Window-Aluminium. This creates extra convenient storage space for your Land Rover Defender Puma. Front Runner Gullwing Box Shelves can be used to create divisions in the box for storage. 

*Front Runner Gullwing Box Shelves, sold seperately.


Consists of:
1x Fastening Kit
2x Pinch Welds
2x Side Panels - 1 Left, 1 Right
2x Mounting Brackets
1x Top Panel
2x Wooden Back Board
1x Bottom Panel

Materials used:
Black powder coated steel
Back Board: Stained Plywood

Product dimensions:
860mm (33.9") W x 310mm (12.2") L x 654mm (25.8") H (Box)
860mm (33.9") W x 310mm (12.2") L x 746mm (29.4") H (Overall incl. Brackets)

13.1kg (28.9lbs)

Land Rover Defender Puma Gullwing Box - GWLD011