The Defender Defender is an all-inclusive security system designed to stop criminals at source and guard your vehicle from theft. Through use of a mobile app you can monitor the location of your Defender 24/7. A combination of inbuilt motion sensors and GPS technology result in immediate alerts (SMS/Phone Call/App notifications) directly to your mobile phone the moment any unlawful activity is detected. Trigger points include: internal vibration, vehicle movement, keyless ignition or battery disconnection. Rest assured, if all these alerts go unheard, the Defender Defender has a remote-control isolator switch and all tracking capabilities that you come to expect from a product of this nature. With only a monthly fee of £10, which doesn't startt until you activate the tracker.

1.Simple Installation
2.Smart Phone App
3.Unlimited Access
4.Real time tracking
5.Recorded Play-back
6.Geo-fence technology
7.Motion Sensor Alert
8.Movement Alert
9.Over Speed Alert
11.Internal Battery
13.SOS Button
14.Email Alerts
15.Remote-control Isolator
16.3G Signal

Select from one of our three payment plans
Each of the three plans give full access to all available features
All prices include £195.00 charge for the device.
Fill out “activation form” on the Defender Defender website once you have fitted your device. (Click "here" below"
Your membership charges will begin from the date of activation, not date of purchase. This allows you time for delivery and installation of the Device.
You will then receive a confirmation email, a link to our mobile app and your log in details once your device has been activated.
Use your unique log in details to access the mobile app, track your vehicle on google maps and customise various security settings.
Defend your Defender!

For more information, please contact us!