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A license plate bracket that facilitates the mounting of OSRAM Driving lights. Mounts in the front area of your vehicle. Works with all bolt-on number plates or plate holders. Compatible with all lights within the Driving Lights range:{showName~LIGH182}{showName~LIGH183}{showName~LIGH184}{showName~LIGH184}{showName~LIGH185}{showName~LIGH186}{showName~LIGH187}{showName~LIGH188}{showName~LIGH189}{showName~LIGH190}{showName~LIGH191}{showName~LIGH192}{showName~LIGH193}{showName~LIGH197}{showName~LIGH198}{showName~LIGH203}{showName~LIGH204}{showName~LIGH205}{showName~LIGH206} Note: For off-road use.

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