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If you don?t currently need a complete Slimline II tray mounted in your bed, but still want off-road rated, durable cargo space for a bicycle, roof top tent, kayak, or other adventure accessories, a Front Runner Load Bar Kit is the solution. This kit is designed to work with the existing Jeep Gladiator JT factory bed rails and comes with a pair of 1425mm wide Front Runner Load Bars, 2 pairs of Front Runner Tall Load Bed Legs, and all the necessary hardware required to mount to the factory bed rails. The Front Runner Load Bar Kit features 22mm thick HD aluminum extrusions (slats) that are used in the Slimline II Roof Rack, which means that these load bars can be used as slats in a similar width Slimline II Roof Rack. Additionally, the sliding nut t-slots on the slats allow for unlimited and ultra-secure mounting positions, and accessories and equipment can be quickly removed as well. Note: The load per Load Bars must not exceed 55lbs or 25kg, and ensure the load is distributed evenly. For larger loads, additional Load Bars may be needed, please contact Customer Service for any enquiries.

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