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Sets up in a matter of minutes via 12V-powered operation and remote control (included). The 50mm thick, high density foam mattress comfortably fits (2) two people for a guaranteed good night?s sleep. Two-layered fabric construction offers excellent thermal insulation. Manufactured with water-resistant and UPF 50+ two-layer fabric. The robust design is further enhanced by a durable water-resistant PVC tent cover with a UPF 50+ protection rating. Double-layered windows with integrated fly screens allow airflow through the tent while keeping insects out. A lightweight telescopic aluminum ladder is included for easy entrance. Aluminum alloy construction allows the tent?s robust frame to remain lightweight. NOTE: Front Runner Tent Mounts: {TBMK001~showName} or {TBMK004~showName} are the advised mounting methods for this Tent.

Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 1440 × 2290 mm

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